Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adult Winter Reading Club

Join the Adult Winter
Reading Club!
 February 2nd - March 1st
1. Sign up at the Library
2. Read or listen to any book (no newspapers or magazine).  Don't forget about the library's e-books.
3. Fill out and submit an entry form for each item read or listened to.
For each week below, one winner will be awarded a $25 gift certificate.
(prize drawn on date below from the previous week's submitted entries)
* Feb. 9th - Panera
*Feb. 16th - Red Robin
*Feb. 23rd - Amazon
* March 2nd - Target
All entries must be submitted by March 1st.
Highland Mint Pittsburgh Penguins
Signature Rink Framed Photo
All entries will be included in the Grand Prize Drawing.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 24th at 11am
Bethel Park Public Library
David Loshelder provides peak performance strategies to help you reach your full potential. Whether you’re trying to move ahead in your career, or lose 50 pounds, his program provides a road map to success. The 7 tools you will learn will assist you in maintaining a peak state of performance called "The Zone". Some of the concepts are: 1. The one secret that is the key to unlock the champion within you and helps you weather life’s storms in the most difficult circumstances. 2. A goal achieving system that creates positive outcomes. 3. Imagery techniques to help you  design your future using mental rehearsal and simulation skills to mold your future the way you always wanted it to be…and more.


David Loshelder is a former USA #1 ranked athlete in the sport of judo, has been the owner of a small business, is a director of  a behavioral health unit, project manager, speaker and author of the book Protect Yourself: Top 10 Lifesaving Self-Defense Techniques. He has presented his exciting and informative peak performance seminars to select groups of athletes and business professionals for many years.

What to Expect
Duration: 120 minutes

This interactive presentation teaches easy-to-learn strategies that are far from simple in their depth. You will be shown ways to overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. You will learn an effective 7-step goal setting process that will create a road map to your success. Even more, you will learn a “can-do” attitude with positive imagery and assured self-talk. By exposing yourself to these success strategies, you will find yourself entering “The Zone” and performing at your best more consistently than ever before. And finally, you will find yourself achieving your dreams in whichever endeavor you pursue more effortlessly than ever before! Who doesn’t want that?
Please register at the front desk or call the Library at 412.835.2207.


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Don't forget about the Library's fitness and nutrition database to help with your New Year's goals!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Books

Check out some of these shiny new booklists for 2015!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Here's to a happy, healthy 2015!